Colorado Pioneers

Two Face

After his raid down the Platte, where he burned so many farm houses and hay stacks, when he took Mrs. Morris captive and got so good a price for her ransom, Two Face decided that there was good money in stealing and selling white women; so he took it up as a profession. He went …

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Standing Elk

The government was trying to arrange a treaty with the Indians in the northern part, around Fort Laramie, as it did not want to fight with them. Watson Coburn, a Mark Code and several other ranchmen had a number of horses stolen. Coburn and Code went after them and found a large bunch of horses, …

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Sand Creek Fight

On the morning of the sixteenth day of December, 1864, the Third regiment of Colorado Volunteers moved from Pueblo down the Arkansas to Bent’s Fort. Here they made camp the first night. Before leaving the next morning they took Bent’s family prisoners, placed a guard over them, and took Bob Bent with them for a …

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