Colorado Pioneers

A Buffalo Hunt

Some of the old residents will remember Jim Kimsey. He was from Southern Illinois, therefore did not know much about fighting Indians before he came to Colorado. But one thing he soon learned was that he was afraid of them. He said: “Nobody as knows ’em can help being ‘fraid of ’em; white folks are hard enough to fight, but Indians are worse, ’cause a fellow keeps thinking what they would do to ye when they gets a chance.” He was out after Indians once with Jim Pinkerton and Sam Ashcraft. He said: “I am a good shot at an …

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Alston Knox Shaw

Alston Knox Shaw

Alston Knox Shaw was born February 11, 1833, at Townson, Norfork County, in Canada West. Though a Canadian by birth, he is really a Holland Yankee. His grandfather on his father’s side came over in the Mayflower while his mother’s people belonged to the oldest colony in the New England states. From both sides of the family he is a direct descendant of soldiers of Revolutionary fame. His grandmother, Mrs. John Martin, was a cousin of Ethan Allen. After the states began to get settled the family drifted into Canada, then a new frontier. Being of a frontier loving class …

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