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  1. I’m looking for my great grandmothers birth maiden name.
    She was adopted by Richard Taylor Hussey and wife Isabelle Elizabeth Hiller and were
    Married March 10,1872 in Golden, Co. Richard Hussey born August 19th 1834 in Vigo, Co. Indiana. He became a member of The First Congregational church in Denver on August 21st., 1873. They adopted my great grandmother Jennie Belle Hussey Hutton married Robert Andrew Hutton.) Jennie was raised in Canon City, Co.
    Would there be any record of her birth maiden name?
    Thank you,
    Nancy Thomason

  2. I’ve found the widow Lizzie Gallin with two children in the 1900 census in Weld County. Lizzie’s first name was likely Catherine. In any event her last name was O’Grady, daughter of Micheal and Catherine (Scott) O’Grady. They had both arrived in the area of Listowel Ontario by the mid 1850’s with their respective Catholic families and married there c 1856. Catherine Elizabeth was born c1858. Her parents Michael and Catherine O’Grady moved to Iowa c 1877 and were there for the 1880 census. By 1900 all the family had been in Colorado possibly for the previous 10-15 years. Record of Catherine(Scott-O’Grady)’s tombstone is found in gravestone websites near Weld. She died August 1st 1892. Michael was living with his third child and daughter, Mary Ann (Cahill) in the 1900 census. What records might there be for Lizzie’s marriage to a man named Gallin? I can find no Gallin families in the Colorado area in any census. Her children Francis and Mamie were born in Colorado, in 1894 and 1896. Is there a local registry for Weld County that would show their births and so their father’s name? This would help me find him in the many Gallins in the US in previous census’.
    Is there a death registry for the 1900-1910 era for the State? The father, Michael O’Grady seems to have died in this period. Please pass this on to any family history associations that might assist. Is there a Colorado genealogy board your website can suggest? Thanks, Blaine Matthew Scott Midland ON Canada matthewscott@rogers.com

  3. Hello!
    Bishop Joseph Projectus Machebeuf was born in Riom, France (not Rione). I just found his birth record on Filae.com. His given name was ‘Priest’ and his parents were Michel Machebeuf and Gilberte Peyraud. His father was a baker and they lived on Rue St. Gilles.
    This search was sparked by seeing a map of Jefferson County, listing the historic cemeteries and it said that Mount Olivet is located on what was Bishop Machebeuf’s farm in 1860. I’m working on his family tree to find a record that confirms this.
    I attended Bishop Machebeuf High School from 1982-1985. I’m a 3rd generation Denver native. My grandmother’s family came here around 1904.
    The family that first lived in my house came even earlier – Shumate and McElroy – first in El Paso County where the Air Force Academy is located.

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