1880 Denver Colorado Directory

City directories are frequently disregarded, yet they hold valuable information for genealogists. They go beyond the limited details found in census records and offer insights into the lives of our ancestors. Published annually, these directories serve as a window into urban life by documenting residents, businesses, and community institutions. Here’s a guide on utilizing their potential for your family history research:

This is an 1880 City Directory for Denver Colorado that was published by Corbett, Hoye & Co. It was their 8th annual city directory, indicating that they had published them since 1873, replacing Wallihan and Bigney’s “The Rocky Mountain directory and Colorado gazetteer, for 1871.” Unfortunately, the front matter to this directory is missing, including the start of the general directory up to Allen, William C. Ancestry has a full version of this directory in their database on U.S., City Directories, 1822-1995. They also have the 1873-1879 Denver Colorado city directories in that database.

Corbett, Hoye & Co’s Directory of the City of Denver for 1880


Corbett, Hoye & Co., Directory of the City of Denver for 1880, Denver, Col : Printed by the Denver Tribune Association, 1880.

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