Colorado Genealogy

Colorado Genealogy

Colorado Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Colorado ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in Colorado history.

Hon. Job Adams Cooper of Denver Colorado

Biography of Hon. Job Adams Cooper of Denver Colorado

Hon. Job Adams Cooper, governor of Colorado, 1889-91, was born near Greenville, Bond County, Ill., and is a son of Charles and Maria (Hadley) Cooper. In Galesburg, Illinois, September 17, 1867, Mr. Cooper married Miss Jane O. Barnes, daughter of Rev. Romulus E. Barnes, one of the early Congregational home missionaries of Illinois.

Governor John Long Routt, 1876

Biography of Hon. John Long Routt of Denver Colorado

Life for John Long Routt began in Caldwell County, Kentucky, April 25, 1826. Early orphaned by his father’s death, the boy was taken to Illinois by his mother and attended the public schools there. In 1862 he raised Company E, of the Ninety-fourth Illinois Infantry, which was mustered in at Bloomington with himself as captain. He married Martha Haggard, who was born in Clark County, Kentucky, of Welsh descent. He became the last territorial and the first state governor of Colorado, also governor in 1891-93.



Prisoner Records Available at the Colorado State Archives
The Prisoner Record volumes consist of entries for both men and women with the inmate numbers in numeric order. This is an alphabetical name index of each inmate and their inmate number. The Prisoner Record and Record of Convicts may be obtained by contacting the Colorado State Archives. The entire set of material will be published daily during the month of June 2015.

True History of some of the Pioneers of Colorado
It is impossible for the rising generations to conceive but a remote idea of the privations and dangers from hostile Indians that the pioneers endured in the early settlement of the West.

Colorado History Volume I

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