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Amos Jackson Dickson

Biography of Amos Jackson Dickson

Amos J. Dickson hails from Champaign County, Illinois, where he was born on May 6, 1861. His parents are Andrew S. and Henrietta (Boggs) Dickson, the former a native of Kentucky and the latter of Ohio. They located at an early day in Illinois, where the father was a prosperous farmer until 1869, when the family moved to Kansas and after a residence of twenty years in the Sunflower state came to Colorado and located at Colorado Springs, moving from there to Glenwood Springs in 1902.

Garfield County Map, originally published in 1885 by George F Cram

Biography of Benjamin Sherwood

Born and reared in Connecticut and endowed by nature with the native ingenuity, thrift and shrewdness of the New Englander, Benjamin Sherwood by his advent into this state brought a valuable addition to the resources and mechanical skill of her then small and scattered population, and his career here has not disappointed the promise of his early manhood or the hopes of his usefulness cherished by those who knew him in youth. He was born at Danbury, Connecticut, on January 16, 1847, the son of Albert and Eleanore (Turkington) Sherwood, natives of the same state as himself. The father was

Benjamin K. Watson Civil War Pension Card

Biography of Benjamin K. Watson

After many years of toil, in which the elements of danger, hardship and privation have often been present in large measure, and in which he has courageously and vigorously paddled his own canoe from the early age of sixteen, the approaching evening of life finds Benjamin K. Watson, of near Rifle, in Garfield county, comfortably settled on a fine ranch of one hundred and sixty acres in the midst of a productive and progressive region of this state, where he was an early arrival and has been a potent factor in the development and improvement of the country around him.

Garfield County map from the 1922 Standard Atlas of Yuma County

Biography of Benjamin H. Thompson

It was on June 14, 1857, and at the busy little mart of Sunbury, Pennsylvania, that the useful life of this enterprising and progressive ranch and stock man of Garfield county began, but his boyhood, youth and early manhood were passed in Henry county, Iowa. He got his education at the country schools and acquired the habits of industry, thrift and frugality which have distinguished him through life on the paternal homestead aiding in its arduous but invigorating labors. At the age of sixteen, with the self-reliance for which he is noted, he began to make his own living, first

William Vincent Heaton Grave

Biography of William Vincent Heaton

Living on a fine ranch of one hundred and sixty-one acres which he originally took up as a preemption claim, one hundred and forty-five acres of which are under ditch with a plentiful supply of water, and which is located four miles north of Rifle, Garfield county, and there quietly pursuing” the peaceful and productive life of a prosperous and progressive rancher “far from the madding crowd’s ignoble strife,” William V. Heaton would seem to be safe from all the shafts of adversity and have a portion in the struggle for supremacy among men in full accord with the quiet

Obituary of William Vincent Heaton

William V. Heaton was born near Indianapolis, Indiana on March 28, 1852 and passed beyond this life on January 15, 1919 being almost 67 years of age at the time of his death. He was married on December 8, 1881 to Miss Emma L. Reynolds of Kentucky. To this union were born six children, Ernest E. Heaton of Watson, Utah, Jamie C. Heaton of Tempe, Arizona, Madge Hilton of Meeker, Colo. and Helen, Ross, and Hazel of Rifle. Besides his wife and children he is survived by two brothers and one sister, and a host of friends who will long

Horace Greely Brown Grave

Biography of Horace Greeley Brown

Horace Greeley Brown, of Garfield county, who was one of the earliest settlers on Rifle creek and is now one of the most prosperous and popular citizens of that portion of the county, was born on April 8, 1855, in Burlington county, New Jersey, and was there reared and educated, attending only the district schools. He remained at home until he reached the age of twenty, then passed some years working in a machine shop at Smithsville, in his native state, at small wages. After that he opened a meat market there on his own account, which he conducted six

Alfred George

Biography of Alfred George

The career of Alfred George, of the Rifle neighborhood, in Garfield county, is full of interest and valuable suggestions, and his citizenship is of the sterling and useful character which has made the American workingman notably one of the controlling factors in modern civilization. Mr. George was born in Callaway county, Missouri, on October 1, 1851, and in that state he was reared to the age of thirteen, then coming with his mother and sister to Colorado in 1864, he has since mingled with the activities in this state, always bearing cheerfully the share of his community’s burdens properly belonging

View of Zerbe's Ranch Hotel

Biography of Allen L. Zerbe

Born and reared on a farm, with only the school advantages common to country boys who have to work for their living, either at home or elsewhere, and without favoring circumstances at any period of his career, Allen L. Zerbe has, by his own thrift, enterprise and business capacity, won a comfortable estate from hard conditions and established himself in the lasting esteem and good will of his fellow men by his sterling integrity, industry, interest in the common welfare of his community and his upright and independent citizenship. He was born in Stark county, Ohio, on November 24, 1857,

Alfred George and Clara V gravestone

Obituary of Alfred George (1851-1928)

Alfred George, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred George, was born in Fulton, Missouri, October 1, 1851 and passed away last Friday evening, June first, his age being 77 years 8 months. His last illness began last October as heart trouble developed. He received his early school training in Missouri, and at the age of 12 years came west with his folks, driving one of the ox teams across the plains to Canon City in 1863. To us this seems quite a feat for a boy of 12. But we look back with interest to those pioneer children as well