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Waterloo Daily Courier 16 Oct 1896

Biography of David Smith of Meeker, Colorado

For nearly twenty years David Smith, one of western Colorado’s most active and enterprising business men and public-spirited citizens, has been a resident of the state, and for about seventeen has lived in the neighborhood of Meeker. During all this time he has been prominent in the business and public life of the community of his home, and to every undertaking for its advancement he has contributed essentially and substantially, his helping hand being strongly felt in many phases of the industrial and mercantile activity of the section. David Smith is a native of Scotland, born in Fifeshire on January 22, […]

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The old Watson Store Oldland and Co

Biography of John A. Watson of Meeker, Colorado

In the fifty-six years of his life, nearly twenty of which have been passed in Colorado, John A. Watson, like other members of his family, has rendered important service to the public interests of his country, local and general, in peace and war. No call to public duty has ever been unheeded by him, no effort for the advancement or improvement of his locality or the betterment of its people has failed of his cordial and substantial support. Mr. Watson came into the world on April 28, 1848, at Woodsfield, Monroe county, Ohio, and is the son of James and

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Biography of William H. Clark of Meeker, Colorado

Born in Blackhawk county, Iowa, and removing from there to Missouri with his parents when he was but one year old, then changing his residence to Kansas at the age of sixteen and to Colorado in 1880, when he was twenty-three, William H. Clark, of Meeker, Rio Blanco county, has had knowledge of peoples and conditions in four states, and from the experience thus gained has had his views broadened and his faculties quickened, so that he is a man of much worldly wisdom and practical common sense. He has also had experience in several occupations in different places, and

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Biography of Horace S. Harp

Horace S. Harp, of Meeker, in Rio Blanco county, who also has interests at Rifle and elsewhere in Garfield county, and whose active mind and busy hands are variously employed in the mercantile and industrial interests of this state, is a native of Marion county, Iowa, born on December 21, 1860. Since the age of thirteen he has been the sole architect of his fortunes and has built them well and wisely. He began earning his own living by working on farms in the vicinity of his home for very small wages, and continued to be so employed there until

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Biography of William L. Veatch

Beginning the battle of life for himself at the age of fourteen in the actual and awful strife of the Civil war, in which he enlisted at that early age and was soon at the front, and after his three-years term of enlistment expired contending with a destiny of toil and often of privation for many years, the subject of this brief review came to his present estate of public esteem and earthly comfort along no primrose path of dalliance and lulled into pleasant slumber on no flowery bed of ease. His was the strenuous life in its most exacting

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