True History of Some of the Pioneers of Colorado

In presenting this narrative to the public, its object will be to furnish a true history of some of the incidents of the early settlement of the West, and especially of Colorado.

Being intimately acquainted with parties cognizant of the facts related, we feel certain of the literal truths of the statements contained in this book.

There have been so many publications put upon the market purporting to be true history of frontier life, that utterly fail to convey the faintest idea of the real facts, that this work is undertaken.

It is impossible for the rising generations to conceive but a remote idea of the privations and dangers from hostile Indians that the pioneers endured in the early settlement of the West. This work will give an insight into the lives of some of the early settlers who endured the hardships and privations that they underwent for the sake of paving the way to our present civilization, where towns, cities and railroads have sprung into existence as if by magic.

Source: True History of some of the Pioneers of Colorado, by Miss Luella Shaw, Press of Carson Harper Co, Denver, Colorado, 1909

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