Biography of S. E. Ewing

For nearly twenty years the interesting subject of this brief review has been a resident of Colorado and has been a potent factor in the progress and development of the portion of the state in which he has resided. He is now one of the prosperous and successful farmers of Mesa county, living on a fine ranch which he has improved and cultivated for a number of years in the vicinity of Plateau City, and is connected in a leading way with the agricultural and commercial interests of the section, and contributes to its public life the force of his energy and the inspiration of a good example of upright and serviceable citizenship. Mr. Ewing is a native of Brown county, Ohio, where he was born in 1837, and is the son of Robert and Elizabeth (Milton) Ewing, now both deceased. His father was born and reared in Ohio, and was a prosperous farmer in that state, remaining there until 1837, when he moved to Illinois and in 1857 to Kansas, where he passed the residue of his life, dying at the age of eighty-four. He served as a member of the territorial legislature and was a member of the convention which framed the constitution of that state. His wife was a native of Virginia, who moved with her parents to Ohio in early life and there grew to womanhood and was married. She died in 1876. Their offspring numbered eight, of whom S.E. was the fifth born. He was an infant when the family moved to Illinois, and he lived in that state until he became twenty-five years of age, being educated at the public schools in the neighborhood of his home, and assisting in the work on his father’s farm until the time mentioned, when he migrated to Kansas and started a farming enterprise of his own which he conducted successfully for a period of twenty-two years. He then came to Colorado and settled in Boulder county. For six year she lived there engaged in the same line of activity, then moved to where he now lives, taking up his present ranch on the Kansas mesa in 1888. Here he has since been operating as a farmer and stock-grower, and has prospered in the business and won a high place in the regard of his fellow citizens of this section. He was first married in 1861 to Miss Sarah A. Goode, a native of Illinois. They became the parents of nine children, eight of whom are living, William E., Frederick G., Oliver, John, Robert, Elizabeth, Hattie, Rose A., and Sylvanus V. The other one, a son named Thomas, died when he was ten years old. The second marriage occurred on May 15, 1902, and was to Miss Lillie Kerr, a native of Arkansas. They have one child, George E. Ewing. Mr. Ewing has ever been zealous and persistent in pushing forward works of public utility for the improvement of his neighborhood. He was active in promoting the construction of the Big creek reservoir for purposes of irrigation, and is now a stockholder in the enterprise, holding sixteen shares.

Many other works of importance have had his earnest and serviceable support, and all of commendable value may count upon his countenance and substantial aid, for nothing of worth to the community fails to meet his approval and enlist his interest.

Source: Bowen, A. W. Progressive Men of Western Colorado. Chicago: A. W. Bowen & Co., Publishers. 1905.

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