History of Colorado

The prime object in the minds of the editor and his assistant writers in compiling this History of Colorado, also the intent of the publishers, has been to base it on authentic sources, not only in the narrative of the original explorations of the New World, but in the modern settlement and development of our state.

Hence, the facts relating thereto are stated not as opinions or mere conclusions of the writers or individual informants, but, in order to avoid personal bias and prejudice, all that is set forth pertaining ‘to important events of public interest in the departments of state history, the military, industrial, educational, religious and social organizations and their progress and results’ has been taken from the records, reports and archives, national and state, of the’ government and administrative bodies relating to the several topics. Errors that have been made in the past with reference to Colorado history have been corrected, so that the work, as is sincerely desired by the editor and his many friends and assistants, may come to be regarded as the standard History of Colorado to the present date.

While editing this book to put online, I found some chapters more interesting than others and knowing our readers are in search of names more than history, I decided to add those chapters with the names first.

Volume I

History of Colorado

Source: History of Colorado, Wilbur Fisk Stone, Editor, Volume I, Chicago, The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1918

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