Members of the 1893 Campaign

Of those women who took active part in the campaign of 1893 and won the victory for equal rights, there is a long list of unrecorded names, and it is possible to perpetuate upon these pages only the names of a few of the leaders in different parts of the state, including some of the leading men of those times. Among those in and around Denver were:

Mrs. John L. Routt, president of the Denver City League
Mesdames T. M. Patterson
N. P. Hill
John R. Hanna
Rev. William Bayard Craig
Kerr B. Tupper
Misses Patterson
Miss Hill of the Young Women’s League
Mrs. S. M. Casper, Twenty-second Avenue League
Dora Phelps Buell and Mrs. Herbert George, of the Highlands League
Mrs., J. Eppley, Colfax
Mrs. A. D. Taggart, Berkeley
Mrs. Hartzell, South Denver
Mrs. Margie Gibson, Provident Park
Mrs. Hutchins, Lower Clear Creek
Mrs. E. J. Webber, Globeville
Mrs. L. L. Leland, Swansea
Mrs. B. C. Chinn, Central
Mrs. H. S. Stansbury
Professor Hale
Mrs. Hale
Mrs. J. H. Piatt, Denver
Mrs. E. W. Middleton, Harris
Mrs. Frank Caley, Littleton
Miss Lillian McKercher, Young People’s League
Mrs. Marion C. Lucas, City Park League
Mrs. Mabel Chinn
Eva Johnson
Ida De Priest
Esther Morris
Lois Allison
Mary E. Clark
Dudley Clark
Richard K. De Priest
Martha Spratlin
W. H. Wade
Alberta Battles
Henry O. Wagoner
Misses Mattie and Matie Rutherford
Agnes Cummings
Dora Dean
Mrs. Nannie Laur
Col. Irving Hale
Col. Byron L. Carr
Mrs. Mary Carr of Longmont

Buena Vista
Mrs. Mary Gafford President E. S. L.
Mrs. Joseph Newitt
Mrs. Julia Logan
Mrs. Ernest Wilbur
Miss Flora Kennedy
Mrs. Grace Wallace
Mrs. George Wallace
Mrs. Jennie Berry
Mrs. J. Halsey
Mrs. Laura C. Holtschneider

Harman 1893
Mesdames Laura A. France
M. A. Smith
Anna Burchard
Lizzie I. Lamont
L. A. Walker
L. B. Leonard
Emergene McGowan
Sarah J. Taylor
Emma Ingerson
Carrie Fluecken
Bertha G. Smith
M. E. Yaeger
S. Fullman
Mabel Finnerty
Misses Tude McChesney
Julia L. Wheeler
Nellie Pullman
Margaret Compton
Sophie Compton
M. E. Smith
Mary Masters
Irene I. Smith
Kate D. McChesney
Martha A. McChesney
Messrs. Harry E. Nevin
B. A. Bennett
G. H. Ingersoll
Charles Fullman
Fred Smith
Uri Walker
James Hackshaw
C. H. Smith
Joseph H. Richardson
W. C. Barnhart
Norman Clifford

In other parts of the state:
Mrs. E. M. Tanner of Fort Collins
Mrs. C. E. Gibbs, Greeley
Mrs. Morris E. Dunham, Boulder
Ettie V. Parenteau, Central
Mrs. E. F. Kendall, Silver Plume
Mrs. L. B. Sinton, Mary C. C. Bradford, Colorado Springs
Mrs. J. S. Sperry and Doctor Hatfield, Pueblo
Emma G. Curtis, Canon City (who conducted the campaign among people mainly of foreign tongue in a coal mining district and secured a majority of 200)
Emma Greer and Dr. S. A. Goff, Louisville
Mrs. Roselle Goodrich, Red Cliff
Ina Davis, Parachute
Miss A. M. Murphy, Fruita
Mrs. H. C. Olney, Gunnison
Lillian Hartman Johnson, Durango, who had charge of the work in the Southwest
Dr. Jessie Hartwell, Salida
Mrs. S. A. Reddin Jenkins, Mosca
Mrs. Hazlett, Rico
Mrs. A. M. Bryant, Gilman
Mrs. S. J. Roocroft, Coalcreek
Mrs. Job Jones, Rockdale
Mrs. A. W. Maxfield and
Mrs. Emma Simmons, Rifle
Mrs. George Pearson, New Castle
Miss Mollie Noonan. Glenwood Springs
Mrs. Reno, Arvada
Mrs. Jessie Caswell, Grand Junction
Mrs. Ashmead, De Beque
Mrs. S. M. Morris, Mancos
Mrs. J. F. Heath, Montrose
Mrs. George A. Burrows, Ouray
Mrs. A. E. McCausland, Aspen
Mrs. Louise Frybarger, Carlton
Mrs. Hilla ‘SI. Griffith, Villa Grove
Mrs.” M. Hollingsworth, Silverton
Dr. J. ‘SI. McCoy, Telluride
Mrs. A. Guthrie Brown, Breckenridge, who, at an advanced age as a resident of Denver, was an active and enthusiastic worker in political and public affairs in general
Mrs. J. A. Pritchard. Greeley
Mrs. Minnie Hovey. Amethyst
Mrs. Fannie McClintock, Grand Junction
Mrs. M. E. Timberlake, Holyoke

Among the women of prominence in the work of the Suffrage Association were:
Miss M. A. Pease, the president
Mesdames C. A. Bradley, the recording secretary
M. H. Walker
J. B. Belford
Anna Steele
Grabing Craise
Hattie E. Fox
Mrs. Carrie Lane Chapman
Mrs. Jenkins of Cheyenne
Carrie Schnebele
Harriet Scott-Saxton
Eva Hulings.
George Phelps
Helen Reynolds
Minnie Jay Reynolds.
Georgiana Watson.
Louise M. Tyler
Mrs. Mary P. Nichols
Dr. Anna Morgan
Mrs. A. J. Frincke
Mrs. Anna Marshall Cochran
Louise Forest
Mrs. Minerva Roberts
Mrs. Alma Lafferty
Mrs. Nellie Matteson
Dr. Sarah Calvert
Dora Fletcher Noxon
Mrs. A. C. Fisk
Mrs. W. A. L. Cooper

Greeley Prominent in the campaign of 1877 were:
Judge Levi Hanna
Mrs. Amanda Hanna
Father Nathan C. Meeker
Rosine Meeker
Mrs. Mary M. Gallup
David Boyd
Mrs. Sarah Boyd
Dr. Anna Marsh
Mrs. Eastman
Mrs. Adela Clark
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Stevens
Oliver Howard
Mrs. Clemma Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Wilbur
Hon. Jared Brush
Florence Haines
Mrs. Doctor Law
S. S. Kennedy

In the campaign of 1893:
Senator David Boyd
Mrs. Sarah Boyd
Oliver Howard
Mrs. Oliver Howard
Mrs. Doctor Hawes
Mrs. Jennie N. Pritchard
Harry N. Haynes
E. E. Clark
Mrs. H. T. West
Mrs. Carrie B. Sanborn
Mrs. C. E. Gibbs

At Salida leading women in the campaign of 1893 were:
Mrs. M. O. E. Harrington
Mrs. Margaret Watkins
Miss Jessie Hartwell M. D.
Mrs. E. Ford
Mrs. M. E. Densmore
Mrs. Anna J. Kennedy
Mrs. Judge Warner
Mrs. Etta Eggleston
Mrs. Cynthia Stead

Grand Junction Among those participating in the campaign of 1893 were:
Mrs. Charles J. Caswell president
Mrs. Frank McClintock vice president of the Mesa County Equal Suffrage League
Mrs. L. F. Ingersoll
Mrs. B. F. Jay
Mrs. A. R. Wadsworth
Mrs. C. F. Caswell
Mrs. Elizabeth Ashmead
Miss Alice Murphy
Miss Elizabeth Walker
Mrs. Margaret Ogilvie
Miss Nettie Stockton
Mrs. J. Telford
Dr. Ethelle Strasser
Mrs. J. L. Vallow
Miss Leander Watkins
Mrs. George Smith
Mrs. Edwin Price
Mrs. L. M. Layton
Miss Mary E. Welborn
Mrs. S. C. Buckley
Miss Minnie Carlile
Mrs. Charles Glessner
Mrs. M. E. Gambling
Mrs. G. L. Gaylord
Mrs. Jessie G. Ramey
Mrs. Esther R. Mitchell
Mrs. A. J. McCune
Miss Ollie Hensel
Miss May Cookingham
Miss Annie Sells

Equally as many leading men took an active part for the women

Colorado Springs
Ella L. C. Dwinell
L. E. Dwinell
R. C. Hamlin
Mrs. E. L. Hamlin
Dr. Anna D. Chamberlain
Dr. F. C. Chamberlain
L. B. Fasser
Mrs. Laura A. Fasser
Mrs. Elizabeth Fasser
Dr. W. K. Sinton
Mrs. Luly B. Sinton
Mrs. O. S. Stout
Mrs. Mary C. C. Bradford
Mrs. Annie E. Wilder
Mrs. M. J. S. Otis
Mrs. Hattie A. Balcomb
H. C. Balcomb
Mrs. C. E. Robertson
Miss M. C. Robertson
Emily E. Hildreth
Mrs. Mary E. Hildreth
Mrs. J. C. Smith
Mrs. A. L. Blake
Mrs. Blake

Colorado City
Mrs. Alice Finley
Louis W. Cunningham
Charles L. Cunningham
Mrs. Julia N. Cunningham
Mrs. E. I. Cunningham

Maude L. Green
Dr. Francis Cooper
Dr. Fannie Cooper

Hon. A. S. Baldwin
Mrs. Mary Collie
Mrs. Sallie F. Monell

Mrs. Lillian Hartman Johnson
Judge Henry Garbonati
Charles A. Johnson
Mrs. Olivia M. Hechtman
Mrs. Lizzie Metcalfe
Mrs. Frank Young

Mrs. Emma Hollingsworth.

Mrs. S. N. R. Jenkins
F. C. Hitchcock

Judge A. P. Edmindson
Mrs. Perley Wasson

Mrs. S. M. Morris, president E. S. L.
Mrs. Marion Wetheril, vice president
Mrs. A. Lemmon, secretary
George M. Carr, treasurer
W. H. Kelley
Hon. D. H. Lemmon
Mrs. A. J. Barber
Judge M. T. Morris

Mrs. Mary C. Woodburn
Mrs. Mary Butters
Mrs. Emma Olinger
Mrs. Hester W. Hartzell
Mrs. Ida M. Lesley
Mrs. Eva Wheeler
Mrs. Fred Kern
Miss Blanch Badger
Mrs. Bertha Corlew
Mrs. Bertha Mueller
Mrs. A. G. Channel
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Ferguson
Mrs. J. W. Jackson

Mrs. A. Guthrie Brown
Mrs. C. L. Westerman
Mrs. E. G. Brown
Mrs. Hugh Steele

History of Colorado

Source: History of Colorado, Wilbur Fisk Stone, Editor, Volume I, Chicago, The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1918

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